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Blue Fox 3D Curved Ultra HD Tempered Film

Spec ONE

Product Model

IPhone15 6.1"

IPhone15 Plus 6.7"

IPhone15 Pro 6.1"

IPhone15 ProMax 6.7"

Product parameters and selling points

1.3D curved ultra-clear models, upgraded to remove static electricity more high-definition, easier to paste

2.High-transparency anti-static dust AB adhesive, refusing to stick the film into the probability of dust, reducing the tempered film haze.

3.UHD Ultra HD high transmittance, light transmission rate increased to 93.5%.

4. 0.3mm high aluminum tempered glass, explosion-proof and shatterproof edge

5.Full-screen coverage, 3D large arc edge chamfering process, smooth not cheese hand, touch sensitive

6.AF vacuum plating, Shin-Etsu's base material is specially tuned ultra-smooth + wear-resistant fingerprint oil.

7. Friction resistance > 10000 times, water drop angle > 115 ° before grinding, after grinding ≥ 110 °.

8. Adopting epoxy resin environmental protection material, compared with the industry's common drip material, impact resistance is stronger.

Less likely to be chipped and broken edges

9. Cost-effective, compared with the traditional 3D tempered film, the new 3D technology production optimization.

10.Faster exhaust, comparable to screen printing full-screen 2.5D exhaust speed, significantly better than the traditional 3D tempered film.