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NISD Corning Full Screen Tempered Film


Product Model:

IPhone13/13Pro/14 6.1"

IPhone13 ProMax /14Plus 6.7"

IPhone14 Pro 6.1"

IPhone14 ProMax 6.7"

IPhone15 6.1"

IPhone15Plus 6.7"

IPhone15 Pro 6.1"

IPhone15 ProMax 6.7"


Product parameters and selling points

1. Corning full-screen models, Apple screen homologation material, high color reproduction

2.Highly translucent anti-static dust Ab adhesive, reduce the probability of film into the dust

3.0.4mm Corning tempered glass, Corning material is more scratch-resistant and harder than ordinary glass.

4.0.8mm silkscreen narrow border, not blocking the screen, larger window.

5.Full-screen coverage, large curved edges with rounded chamfers, smooth and sensitive touch.

6.AF vacuum plating, Shin-Etsu substrate special tuning ultra-smooth + abrasion fingerprint oil

7. Friction resistance ≥ 1.5W times, the water drop angle before grinding > 117 °, after grinding > 110 °.